The Knit - List

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The weather here in the UK has become decidedly colder, which means only one thing: Knitwear!(and hot chocolate, but this post is about knitwear..haha..but just to say that Costa's festive cups are super cute as per usual). I have compiled a list of the "knits-to-know" and I may have thrown in a few cheeky extras at the end.

This is not in any specific order in terms of price, but snugglyness (a technical term of course):

The Texas song "Halo" is just what this sweater is like...a halo around the skin. It's light and cosy and great for work and play. Toast fares favourably in this regarding, as knitwear is what this brand is known for.

I'm not usually a fan of fully acrylic knitwear, but Topshop has nailed it on the cosy front. Their oversized funnel neck is an exception to my own rule. It looks and feels like a cloud and I style mine with blue jeans.

Although red is the colour of the season I think now that the red frenzy has peaked, it calls for more of a subtler nod to the trend (in my humble opinion of course). Yet another piece of Parisian chic in the form of Vanessa Bruno's gold button striped sweater will keep you toasty and on-point....result!. Black Friday will soon be upon us, so it may be worth holding out for a few more weeks to see if

Cosy Cos also provides knitwear and scarves that you will want to keep on all day long. I myself, have a number of pieces from Cos, which I wear practically on rotation. Here's a few to add your mental wish-basket. What can be more comforting then a sweater dress, great with boots and flats alike. This one may seem a bit sack-like, but it screams effortless cool (and will hide a post-pizza tummy).

Does Christmas Jumper Day strike fear into the hearts of the style-conscious?. If it does, this sweater from Mango, has all the embellishment, but none of the cheese. For those who are brave enough to go full-speed "jungle bells", head to Topshop for their Xmas special. If you really wish to invest in something more seasonal, then N.Peal is a safe bet. Cashmere is what they do and this Jewelled Fairisle Cashmere number has "Seasons Greetings" written all over it.

Lastly, a few little extras which I will definitely be enveloping myself in over the next few months: this Toast green Donegal cashmere scarf will add a pop of colour to any dark outfit. Green is a lovely autumn colour and there's a shade out there that'll suit everyone. Saint Laurent is not an obvious choice for scarves, but their appliqued scarf has subtle branding and would make a nice treat for yourself, or a fan of the brand.

That (Black) Friday Feeling

This time of year should definitely be more about spending time with family and friends, rather than spending money, but one can't deny that shopping has become as much a part of the festive season as Christmas pudding and the Queen's Speech. Black Friday is the newest addition to the shopping calendar (thanks USA) and it would be rude not to take part. If nothing else, it provides an opportunity to save a few quid on Xmas gifts and perhaps even give the money saved to a good cause (?).

In order to make the most of Black Friday, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure you get what you want.

- The details: This year Black Friday will be on Friday 24th November 2017.

- If it's fashion you're after, then I suggest going in store to try on the item/s and select the size you want well in advance. I know from experience that this can really help in the middle of a scrum on the day. Just pick up the item and head to the till. Job done.

- Try online: Online shopping has come a long way and can save time, money and serious injury than heading out and braving the crowds on Black Friday week. If you're a die-hard shopper, there are bargains to be had by hitting the (online) shops at a time when most of the country will be sound asleep (wimps!)

- Fuel: To have enough energy to be able to shop effectively, you need fuel. No, not a guzzle of petrol, that would be lethal, but rather food to give you the stamina to carry on, whilst those around you are suffering pangs of fatigue and despair. A good breakfast should provide you with the strength you need to carry heavy bags laden with treasure (or that new top from New Look).

- It's not just for a day - Black Friday has gradually moved on from a one day event, to discounts and offers being spread throughout the week, so there's even more opportunity for success.

So that's it for another Black Friday post: I will, of course, share my own acquisitions and I hope its filled with promise, joy and success for all!

2 Pieces of Toast

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Usually I'm all over the latest offerings from Toast, but this season I've been a bit more reserved. Saying that, there are two...yes...just two, items from the new collection that have really caught my eye (although, I'm sure this will increase when their Christmas collection is revealed).

This skirt appeared on my radar, not just because its velvet (love!), but the shape nods to the midi length which seems to be hot right now and can be worn with boots, or dressed up with heels (may be even with socks???). Now, my new "shirt love", is this slightly cropped number, which is in the most comfortable material. The rich teal and navy shade looks great for the office with black tailored trousers and the length of sleeves means it can be layered over a thin knit for extra warmth. Both of these pieces are a bit on the pricey side (Toast is more of a high-end high-street brand), but if its quality you're after and not the fast-fashion of today, Toast is the place to go. 

Learn Direct

Thursday, 26 October 2017

I may have mentioned in previous posts that I am, or was, studying for a HR qualification. I decided to do this mainly to increase my job opportunities and also to do something worthwhile in my spare time (there's only so much shopping a girl can do). It's been a few months since I completed my course and received my qualification certificate (yippee!) and I can honestly say, it made me very, very happy.

I was reluctant to study via distance learning, as it does require a lot of motivation and discipline. However, if it is a subject that you're interested in, either for work, or pleasure, then that can spur you on to study. I'd also suggest joining any related Facebook groups and get involved in course forums to communicate with other students. I know I found chatting to one other student in particular really helpful, as you gain new learning methods and seeing others progress in the course, can motivate you no end. It's also nice to just chat about the course and exchange ideas. I remember one student posted a picture of her certificate after she completed the course and that was like a red-rag to a bull, as it made me work harder to achieve the same.

The course provider I used was ICS Learn. They've been around a long time and I remember seeing their website many years ago and I really wish I'd started the course earlier. "Better late than never" of course, but I encourage anyone to consider learning something new if you have the time and money. Although, there are many courses available to study for free these days and are also accessible anywhere in the world.

Whether it's to boost your cv or just for fun - "Because you're worth it!".

On a side note, one "Youtuber" which I find super motivating in terms of study and productivity is Sunbeamsjess's channel, check it out here: Extrasunbeamsjess. She's a London based lass, studying English at University.

Thanks for reading :)

Simply Red

Thursday, 24 August 2017

You would have had to have spent the last month or so in outta space not to know that red is one of the main colours of the the new season (unless of course you were on Mars..haha). Whilst my own wardrobe has as much colour as a 1940's movie, I am rather excited about injecting a few autumnal shades into my daily uniform. I mentioned a couple of noteworthy pieces in my previous post, but this is one entirely devoted to red.

Lets start with these ankle boots from Topshop. I actually saw these a few months ago and thought that the deep, rich maroon shade is perfect with a jumper dress and black tights.

Burgundy is also a lovely shade to wear in autumn and winter and this COS cardigan is a perfect example. The sliver of yellow on the pocket make it just a tad more interesting and is a definite work-wear winner.

This next item just makes me smile when I see. If any of you have a "Christmas Jumper Day" at work, then this one from MSGM will say "jingle bells" like no other. It is pricey, but I imagine that, as we head into the depths of the season, jumpers like these will be all over the high-street.

For bags, this Accessorize Newton cross body bag would look great over a dark navy or black ensemble and can fit all your essentials.

It would not be a post from me if I didn't mention a scarf that has caught my eye. I must refrain from buying anymore scarves and this COS one in particular, as I have exactly the same one from last year, but in a different colourway. I promise I will try not to get it...sigh. 

If the thought of wearing any item of red clothing makes you red in the face (oh the irony) then red nails might the way to go: Not the garish in-your-face shade of red of course, but this one from Tom Ford is the kind I mean, its red, but ever so slightly muted.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a good week :)